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November 29, 2003

Clockwork molehill. Troubling, yet reasonably priced.

We went to stay with friends for a couple of days, who lived in a picturesque cottage at the top end of Tottenham Court Road. Since the day was fine and I fancied a wander, I ambled centrewards past the many splendidly preserved old pubs and antique shops that made up the majority of the buildings. The view of the rugged fells that could be seen down occasional side-streets was quite breathtaking, though it did indicate that Bloomsbury had met a startling end some time previously. One of the many stallholders selling dreadful velvet tradgoth clothing and inscrutable white boxes recognised me. While it was nice to see the fellow had escaped the Camden Ghetto, it appeared to give the appalling vampire role-players perusing his wares cause to engage me in desultory and point-scoring conversation. I made my escape by rightly denying all knowledge of their foul trade and allowing that the stall holder was a business acquaintance. The pokey and baroque interior of a nearby gramophone emporium was much more soothing. I was about to enquire about the price of a Technics 1212, when I noticed that the Japanese proprietor was setting about his extensive lunch with a ceremonial sword. I hurriedly backed out of the shop and decided that several refreshing pints of good ale were in order.

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