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December 17, 2003

A mystery of disturbing proportions.

Recently, I had occasion to visit a friend who had been working on an interesting project. As part of the debugging process, several miles of standard-gauge railway had been built for him in the wooded areas that backed onto the grammar school in Northleach.

We entered the control room by means of a staircase fitted in the floor of the remodelled third-form common room. It was spacious, airy and afforded fine views of the river valley and the red passenger train shuttling backwards and forwards across the S-shaped viaduct.

As luck would have it, his g/fs sister turned up not long after I did, demanding that she be given an engine so she could travel to Seattle. This would obviously disrupt the debugging and throw the shipping schedule into disarray, but she seemed entirely uninterested in the concerns of others and repeated her demands. Finally, she grudgingly accepted the offer of a 2-4-0 shunter retrofitted with a large diesel engine, lent only on condition that it was returned by sundown.

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