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December 19, 2003


Right. That's it. Most people will allow that I am patient and generous to a fault (apart from the majority who have no idea who the devil I am, and the tiny minority of deity-forsaken idiots who took it upon themselves to abuse my good nature), but there's a limit to that, and by criminy some of you have not so much tested that limit as driven a tank through it with all possible speed.

Now would be an appropriate time for you to settle your affairs and make your peace with whatever supernatural beings you hold dear, since I can be as implacable an enemy as you may imagine.

However, get a move on. Time's a-wasting and the Italians have it wrong: revenge is a dish best served while in the grip of a gleefully homicidal rage, at terrific volume and with maximum likelihood of harm to anyone in a 50m radius.

Posted by Hirez at December 19, 2003 07:18 PM


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