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January 30, 2004

Say what you want but you don't look good alone.

Today's emotional weather: Brief bursts of clarity with ill-defined sense of longing. Depression moving in from the southwest. 1001. Rising slowly.

Sometimes it's like that. Your own business is being mound and some spectral bastard with an attitude problem lumps you one with a half-brick. For a while, you lie there among the kebab wrappers waiting for the cartoon birds to piss back off to central casting. Then, when you can usefully patch thoughts together again, they generally go "I'm sure I read this in a Marshall-Smith book. I'm going to find that bastard and have words before he can slap a writ on my psyche."

At other times, it's like trying to catch fish with a rake halfway up the Archway road.

(I'm getting better and better/And I have a new goal.)

Posted by Hirez at January 30, 2004 10:04 PM


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