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February 08, 2004

Part seven: A slight case of brazing.

The first iteration of the Storax Project took place in a semi-abandoned office tower. Since we had a floor to ourselves, we were able to salvage a PABX, a number of rotary-dial telephones and our choice of mahogany-effect desks and three-drawer cabinets. Later, we scoured the city for manual typewriters and mechanical accounting machines. More interesting artifacts - draughting machines, map chests, odd machine parts attached to display boards - started to appear as we reached some notional object-gravitation point. We no longer had to search out reaction mass - it found us.

Within a few more days, we'd been variously asked if we needed a cleaner, a fridge, sandwiches delivered, cheap PCs and a deal on overnight parcel delivery. The entire office-support ecosystem was circling round looking for nooks to plant roots or crannies to start nest-building in.

We were nice about it, of course. If you want people to like and trust you, allow them to do you favours. We carefully and regularly explained that we were the UK satellite operation of an Austrian firm "You know, like Ikea..." that believed firmly in recycling and a low-key approach to our business.

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