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August 24, 2004

Genesis of the mystic trannie shamen.

"All of this was an experiment, actually. Blake Williams had not believed everything he told the founders of the W. F. Bach Society. He was convinced that a great deal of what passes for Value was created, not by labour as the Marxists thought, not by supply-and-demand as the Free Market economists claimed, but by what he as an anthropologist recognised as shamanism.

He was trying to find out how much Value, and hence how much Reality, was so created.

He believed that large hunks of experience could be altered by people who regarded themselves as shamans and considered anyone who opposed them to be rival shamans trying to sell an alternative Reality.

It was his plan to move the Bach group, slowly, from experimenting upon the economics of art to experimenting upon the art of economics.

He knew that Value was the Schroedinger's cat in every equation."

[From 'Schroedinger's Cat II - The Homing Pigeons' by Robert Anton Wilson.]

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