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November 09, 2004

Exactly what's wrong with this picture.

Not for nothing is this picture entitled 'You idle fuckers'. The bloody things are all over IL in some annoying display of passive-aggressive obsequiality. It might as well be titled 'My employers will cheerfully spew shite into the atmosphere so you bastards can warm your houses up to sauna temperatures when there's snow on the ground outside and thus display your mastery over the environment. Meanwhile, some poor bastard's got to stop up 'til stupid AM and nurse the kit along due to lack of investment in the critical infrastructure. It keeps the shareholders happier to see massive dividends and min-wage staff hoofed out the door when the balance-sheet looks a bit dicky, rather than spending money on efficient generating and transmission gear or persuading our lovely greedy-bastard customers to consider energy-efficiency. But fuck it, I've got a blue uniform and energy conservation is for those European pinko fags with their hairdresser cars and shitey teeth..."

However that won't fit on the poster.

Yeah, having an attack of reality. Fuck you, too.

Posted by Hirez at November 9, 2004 11:18 PM


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