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August 07, 2005

The Ministry for Continuity Second Summer Congress.

These gatherings are, by their very nature, low-key and attended by select groups from the Ministry's technical and field departments. Technology exposure is carefully regulated, since anachronisms can severely limit the operational effectiveness of the field department. The first order of business was to evaluate a variety of new equipment:

The Temporal Dynamics Mk3 heavy displacement unit.

The Cossor Chrono-engineering 1205.

The Cossor Chrono-engineering 755.

The testing phase passed without incident, and the 1205 will be in use with expeditionary team 3 by the end of the month. The unfortunate side-effects of last year's problems with the Temporal Dynamics Mk2 field generation subsystem:

were the subject of a full and unusually frank report:

With the main business of the congress concluded, there was thankfully plenty of time for a splendid day's cricket. Inter-department rivalry is as good-natured as ever, which saved a keenly-contested match from descending into the sort of unsportsmanlike behaviour that has become sadly familiar among the international community.

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